Love: what is an Aries woman's sexual profile?

Love: what is an Aries woman's sexual profile?

Aspirations, faults, qualities... What defines an Aries? And what is the sexual profile of an Aries woman?

The sexual astro profile of the Aries sign

Aries are ruled by the planet Mars. Generally speaking, Aries women have a strong, assertive character. A sign of fire, they are forward-thinking and even forceful. They're energetic, outspoken and direct. Beware, however, of the Aries temperament. To better understand the Aries woman, here's a detailed horoscope of herhoroscope of her sexual profile.

Aries and love

The first sign of the zodiac, Aries is often the initiator of love. She's not afraid to take the lead. She loves to conquer, to play, to please, but makes her ambitions clear: she remains honest and loyal. What's more, they don't know how to lie. Aries is therefore a rather reassuring sign when it comes to love.

Aries women generally have trouble with routine, which can quickly become a source of boredom for them. And this is all the more true in love: they need adventure, new experiences. They don't hesitate to spice up their relationships by organizing surprises for their partner, or for their life as a couple.

In relationships, Aries is not a sign compatible with indecisive, unstable or nonchalant people. She needs someone who's as restless as she is, or at least who's ready for an adventure to spice up the routine that's taking hold and is perceived as a danger.

But beware: even if they like to please their partner, they shouldn't neglect the signals of desire. Sometimes, a one-to-one evening chatting with your partner is better than a 4-day trip to Marrakech, and she'll be just as delighted.

When it comes to love, Aries is particularly compatible with Libra. Its characteristics are opposite to those of Aries, so they s'attract perfectly.

Aries and sexuality

As far as her sexuality is concerned, the Aries woman is most of the time at ease with her body, and her complexes don't prevent her from experiencing her sexuality as she should. In fact, she doesn't hesitate to externalize her complexes if it makes her feel better.

Their sexuality is more erotic than sensual. Aries enjoy life, like to play, and the fire that drives them makes them live ever more torrid experiences. Passion guides their lives.

Sexually, they easily fulfill their desires with a Sagittarius or a Leo.

Aries sexual profile FAQ

What are the Aries woman's love compatibilities?

The Aries woman is compatible with Gemini, Sagittarius and Libra. Although she doesn't generally get along with Librans, it works on a love and physical level. However, according to the horoscope's sexual compatibility, Cancers and Capricorns should be avoided, as they're not passionate enough!

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