Should I remove my hair?

Doit-on enlever ses poils ?

What is the composition of hair? What is hair made of?

Hairs are also called "hair shaft". They are formed in a hair bulb, at an average depth of 4mm under the skin. Two cells are contained in the bulb: the keratinocytes that synthesize keratin and provide a solid structure that is waterproof and protects (protects what?) and the melanocytes that define the pigmentation of the skin and hair.
The bulb is fed by blood vessels that bring nutrients. When the hair is contracted, when it becomes irritated (for example during an episode of stress) the muscle will stimulate the sebaceous glands that surround the base of the hair. The glands will then release sebum onto the skin. Be careful! Sweat is not related to hair! The sweat glands (those that produce perspiration) are located in the epidermis and in the dermis.

What is the purpose of hair?

When you know all this, you realize that hair is not there by chance.
They have several advantages:

  • They protect us from temperature changes, ultraviolet rays (as hair does on the skull) but also from impurities (same for eyelashes and eyebrows) since they will retain them! It is the keratin that is synthesized by the keratinocyte that gives the hair a certain impermeability and therefore protects us from UV rays and the sun. Hairs therefore offer a little sun protection.
  • Hairs also regulate body temperature, again thanks to keratin. They eliminate sweat when it is too hot.
  • As said before: hair has muscle cells, which is what allows it to stand up, for example during a stressful event or when you have chills.
  • Hairs diffuse and retain sexual odors, they play an important role in sexual attraction. Pubic hair also limits the risk of vaginal dryness and protects the mucous membranes from infections.
  • Concerning hair: we lose about 100 hairs per day! Hair, like the other hairs on our body, has an essential role: it protects your brain from cold (hypothermia) and heat (sunstroke).

With all this information, you are able to choose whether or not you want to keep your hair.
Despite all this, the decision to remove or not is yours: everyone is free to remove their hair or to keep it. The important thing is to be in agreement with yourself and to feel good about your body! You now have all the periods to change the periods of the game!

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