Can you have sex during your period?

Peut-on faire l'amour pendant ses règles ?

Making love during menstruation: pain, lubrication, irritation, tasks.

Princess Perineum comes back with us on the questions you asked her on social networks.

Does menstruation have an influence on vaginal lubrication?

The lubrication due to sexual arousal is the same during menstruation or outside of menstruation. What changes is that during menstruation, there is added lubrication from blood. So those who naturally lubricate a little less well or who take a long time to have a natural lubrication feel helped by the menstrual phase since the blood lubricates. And those who have a good lubrication, depending on the amount of menstruation, depending on the period, may find themselves having less sensation. So in fact it's a bit of a double-edged sword when it comes to lubrication: either it helps you or it hurts you.

Does having sex during your period help with infections or irritations?

Concerning infections or irritations, there is no data in the scientific literature saying that the period is more favourable at this time. However, what is certain is that there are more mycoses during this period. Hormonal imbalance, imbalance of the microbiota, passage of blood in the vagina which would disturb the microbiota? We don't necessarily have an explanation, but we can see that mycoses are more present during this period. So don't be afraid, you can have intercourse and penetrative sex during your period, it won't increase or decrease your mycoses. However, if you have them, it means that your microbiota is potentially unbalanced. In this case, we advise you to consult your pharmacist for a suitable treatment.

Does intercourse block bleeding?

No, intercourse does not block bleeding. On the other hand, the blood flow during menstruation is not continuous, so depending on when you have intercourse it can bleed more or less. But again, intercourse will not block the bleeding and will not have any particular effect on your flow during your period.

How can I avoid staining everything if I want to have sex during my period?

Indeed, it requires a little bit of organization. The most effective solution is the shower or the bathtub. It's practical, maybe a little bit acrobatic. Otherwise simply put a bath sheet on your bed. It's absorbent and you just have to put it in the machine. There are also the classic underpads that we all know and specific underpads that are much more absorbent. They are sometimes black in color so as not to be disturbed by the color of the blood, and you can also use them for an oil massage for example, in order to avoid putting them everywhere and having to wash all the sheets. The solution that can also be used is that when we think of sex, we can think of penetrative sex, or non-penetrative sex. And in these cases you can use an intravaginal device that allows you to absorb the flow, or simply the menstrual panties Elia menstrual panties, which are pretty and sexy, sometimes with lace. Just play with it, shift it around, but you'll have the whole absorbent part of the panty absorbing the flow, even during intercourse.

Does having sex during my period increase the pain?

Already if you have pain during your period it is not normal. We invite you to consult general practitioners and gynecologists. Talk to people around you. If you don't have an answer to this problem, keep looking, pain during periods is not normal. What is normal is uterine contractions. What is happening is that there has been no fertilization, so the egg did not need to hatch. The endometrium is disintegrating and therefore bleeding. To evacuate this blood, the uterus makes small contractions that allow the blood to be evacuated through the vagina. So you can feel these little contractions. With penetrative intercourse there can be mechanical stimulation, typically back and forth. When it hits the uterus in the vagina it can increase the pain and it can bother you. There can also be micro-contractions during orgasm, movements of your body that are correlated with orgasm and that are normal, but that can increase the pain. Conversely, for those who have pain, classically what is reported is that it calms them. Because if you manage to reach orgasm through an intercourse, which can be a non-penetrative intercourse again, the hormones of the orgasm will allow you to have less pain, to be a little more relaxed, relaxed of the whole body and the small pelvis, and to better manage the pain. So it can be a good solution to manage the pain.

Conclusion: YES, you can have sex during your period!

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