How to hide acne?

How to hide acne?

How to hide acne?

It's not always easy to accept our little flaws. While a simple pimple can ruin a day, an event or a meeting, some of us suffer from more serious acne. Whether it's during the periods period or during the menstrual cycle, acne takes many different forms and can set in for a long time.


How do you learn to live with acne? 


First of all, understand that acne, body hair, stretch marks and cellulite are completely NORMAL. Let's understand that our body is a living being that reacts to external pressures, our diet, our lifestyle...


To try and reduce acne, you can adapt your diet and skin care habits, or ask your doctor for help with treatment at l. Some women will see their acne disappear thanks to contraception, others thanks to a change in diet. Every case is different, so it's important to talk about it, to break the taboo, to make the best of this period. Photoshopped photos don't represent real life... What does it mean to "have normal skin?"

Our advice: let your skin breathe, moisturize, eat a balanced diet and, above all, tell yourself that you're BEAUTIFUL!


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