12 gift ideas for a young mother!

12 idées de cadeaux à offrir pour une jeune maman !

Choosing a gift for a young mother can be complicated. Indeed, it is not always easy to know what will really please her or simply what she would need during the delicate postpartum period. Are you looking for the perfect gift for a young mother in your circle? To help you find it, we suggest you discover our best gift ideas!

Buying a gift to please first and foremost

The goal of a gift is to please the person who receives it. Before making your choice from our selection, we advise you to think about the personality and tastes of the young mother you wish to spoil.

If it is a member of your family or a close friend, the task will be easy. On the other hand, if you don't know her very well, you'll have to do a little investigation or opt for a gift that she's sure to like!

Idea #1: A wellness gift

After 9 months of pregnancy and childbirth, a young mother needs to take care of herself and her body. A wellness gift is therefore a sure bet! You can put together a nice box of beauty products yourself or opt for a ready-made box.

Face creams, moisturizing body care, scented bath products... You'll be spoilt for choice! Of course, choose natural, organic and breastfeeding compatible products if necessary.

Idea #2: A great massage to pamper yourself

There's nothing like a great massage at home or in an institute to offer a young mother a break from the daily grind. Between the sleepless nights, postpartum fatigue andbreastfeeding, a young mother doesn't necessarily think about taking time to relax.

By buying her a gift certificate for a massage, you will give her the opportunity to be pampered for a few hours. You can also opt for a special session for young mothers, such as the rebozo massage, a real care ritual that also allows you to gently close the pelvis.

Idea #3: A sports class to relax: yoga or Pilates

From 6 to 8 weeks after the birth of their baby, young mothers most often undergo perineal reeducation sessions. If the mother you want to give a gift to is quite athletic, book her a yoga or Pilates class.

These two sports are particularly indicated after a pregnancy. They will allow the young mother to relax while strengthening her perineum and all the muscles in her body.

Idea #4: A nursing bra

The person you want to please is breastfeeding her baby? Think about buying her a nice nursing bra to make it easier for her to latch on! This accessory will be useful on a daily basis, even if she already has one. Indeed, since milk leaks are still frequent during the first months, the young mother will be delighted to be able to change her bra more often.

Idea #5: An appointment at a salon or hairdresser

Are you tempted by a beauty gift? Opt for an appointment at a salon or hairdresser. After giving birth, young mothers sometimes suffer from skin problems and often lose their hair. These problems are the result of the sudden drop in the level of hormones in the body. Their skin can become very dry, while their hair is dull and thinning.

A moisturizing and toning facial at an institute or a hair appointment will be much appreciated by a young mother. There's nothing like beautiful skin and a nice haircut to regain self-confidence!

Idea #6: Postpartum menstrual panties

You may not have thought about it, but a postpartum menstrual panties can be a great gift idea for a young mother. This original gift will be ideal for lochia (bleeding after childbirth) and the return of the period (first period after the birth of baby).

A mother who has just given birth cannot immediately resort to menstrual cups or tampons. In addition, the prolonged use of thick sanitary pads can eventually cause irritation. To make her feel good about her body, you can give her our Louison cyclist ultra-absorbent cyclist or our Armande shorty specially designed for heavy flow!


Idea #7: A sling

If the young mother doesn't already own one, asling is a must-have gift. Indeed, this accessory allows to create a privileged contact with her child while keeping her hands free. The baby will be able to sleep peacefully and the mother will be able to go about her business.

A sling will also be very useful for nursing mothers. It will be used to cradle the baby during the feeding. It will also help to stimulate the mother's lactation by allowing her to carry her little one for a long time against her chest.

Idea #8: A photo session for mom and baby

A professional photo session can be a nice gift to offer after the birth of a child. A mother-baby shoot done at home or in a studio will allow the young mother to keep precious memories of the first moments spent with her little one.

However, make sure that the young parents have not already booked a session with a photographer. If they have, you can always save this gift idea for mom's birthday when baby is older.

Idea #9: A birth journal

You can also opt for a birth journal, perfect for young moms who are into scrapbooking. They will be able to write their baby's story since his birth, but also to decorate it with pretty pictures and other little souvenirs (bracelet from the maternity ward, a lock of hair, etc.). Later on, this notebook will be an opportunity to remember wonderful moments and can be offered to the child when he/she will be older.

Idea #10: A personalized gift with photos of the new family

If you have a little time, making a personalized gift with photos of the new family is an attention that will particularly touch the young mother.

There are two possibilities:

  1. Make it yourself by buying a notebook to decorate with the most beautiful photographs for example;
  2. Create it online on a dedicated website offering various supports(photo book, personalized mug, wall calendar, photo canvas, etc.).

Idea #11: A humorous book on motherhood or parenthood

To put a smile back on the face of a young mother who has just given birth, think of a humorous book on motherhood or parenthood! Forget about long books with endless chapters. A young mother has little time for herself. So give her a book that she can flip through quickly and that will make her laugh!

We recommend 100 tips for surviving the arrival of your first child. Tips from Repeat Parents (K. Colburn, R. Sorensen) and the excellent comic book Ma vie de maman (N. Cranemou, Tartuff, St. Lapuss').

Idea #12: Offer a little of your time to a young mother

Finally, offering a little of your time to a young mother is a gift that will necessarily please her. Offer to watch her baby for a few hours so she can rest or take a walk. Cook her good meals with fresh products (and organic if possible!) so that she can enjoy healthy and balanced meals. You can also take the pressure off her by cleaning and tidying her house.

Gift FAQ for young moms

How to please a young mother with a small budget?

To please a young mother on a budget, you can offer her a personalized gift with photos of the new family, a birth diary or postpartum menstrual panties.

What gift to give for young parents?

Young parents are often exhausted by the choppy nights and their new pace of life. To relieve them, offer them a babysitting session so that they can decompress together. To take their mind off things, you can also offer them a humorous book on parenthood that will help them to de-dramatize their daily life.

What birthday gift to buy for a mother-to-be?

A sling, a nursing bra or menstrual panties are perfect birthday gifts for a mother-to-be.

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