How to be beautiful? The body positive

Comment être belle ? Le body positive

How to be beautiful? Let's face it, in the team, we don't like judgments. Even less judgments on the physical! When some of our clients ask us how they could be more beautiful, we tell them that they are beautiful! Because yes, you are beautiful, you are resplendent! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Being beautiful? The body positive, what is it?

Relayed by social networks for a few years, the body positive movement aims to help people to accept and love themselves as they are, far from the standard diktats of today. However, this movement appeared much earlier, created in 1996 by two women, body positivism aimed to be a "caring and inclusive" movement. Indeed, Connie Sobczak wanted, through this movement, to fight against the diktats of appearance, which made her suffer from eating disorders and which cost the life of her sister.

Alongside Elizabeth Scott, a psychotherapist specializing in eating disorders, they created the body positive movement, thinking of it as a community that frees itself from stifling social messages to finally accept its body.

Today, this movement is gaining momentum in our societies and reflects a desire to take back control of our bodies, to accept them in their diversity and above all without the need to prioritize them, regardless of skin color, age, weight, gender ... The important thing is to accept and love ourselves as we are, seeing the beauty in all bodies.

Body positivism is also a movement that claims to be fed up with retouched girls on all the covers of magazines, it's to be fed up with the "Body summer" covers that claim that we should all have a muscular and thin body to be able to show it on the beach. Body positivism is recognizing that all bodies are beautiful and that we don't need to compare ourselves or try to look like anyone else to be beautiful because there is no such thing as a good or bad body shape. Today, body positivism is also a desire for the representation of all bodies, and not a single standard, so that all the diversity contained in society feels represented and celebrated.

How to assume more?

Assuming yourself more is first of all to stop comparing yourself to models who seem to be perfect in order to look like them. Body positivism is learning to accept your body and to love it as a whole in order to feel good inside and outside and to regain your self-esteem.

This can be done by taking pictures where we don't pose so that no bulge is visible or not paying attention to the light so that our cellulite or stretch marks are not highlighted. It is to wear clothes, lingerie in which we feel good. That really allows us to assume our morphology. It is in this sense that we try to design your menstrual panties.

That can also pass by the fact of looking at itself in a mirror and to concentrate on its physical qualities during a few minutes. Then to linger on what seems to us to be defects, but by trying to see them of a good eye and especially of a benevolent eye. It has indeed been proven that women see their defects first. Focusing on your strengths and seeing your flaws in a positive light will boost your self-confidence and help you focus on what you like about yourself.

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