How to be beautiful? Body positive

How to be beautiful? Body positive

How to be beautiful? Let's face it, on the team, we don't like judgments. Especially judgments about looks! When some of our customers ask us how they could be more beautiful, we tell them they are beautiful! Because yes, you're beautiful, you're radiant! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise! 


Looking good? What is body positive?

Relayed by social networks over the past few years, the body positive movement aims to help people accept and love themselves as they are, far from today's standardized diktats. However, this movement had its origins much earlier, created in 1996 by two women, body positivism aimed to be a "caring and inclusive" movement. Indeed, Connie Sobczak wanted to use the movement to fight against the diktats of appearance, which led to her suffering from eating disorders and cost her sister her life. 

Alongside Elizabeth Scott, a psychotherapist specializing in eating disorders, they created the body positive movement, envisioning it as a community that liberates from stifling social messages to finally accept one's body.

Today, this movement is gaining ground in our societies, and reflects a desire to take back control of our bodies, to accept them in all their diversity and above all without the need to rank them, regardless of skin color, age, weight, gender... The important thing is to accept and love ourselves as we are, seeing the beauty in all bodies.

Body positivism is also a movement that claims to be fed up with retouched girls on every magazine cover, fed up with the "Body summer" headlines that claim we should all have a muscular, slim body so we can show it off on the beach. Body positivism is about recognizing that all bodies are beautiful and that there's no need to compare ourselves or try to look like anyone else to be beautiful, because there's no such thing as a good or bad body shape. Today, body positivism is also about representing all bodies, not just a single standard, so that all the diversity in society feels represented and celebrated. 

How can s'take on more?

STo be more self-assured means first of all to stop comparing ourselves to models who seem perfect to us, in order to resemble them. Body positivism means learning to accept your body and love it as a whole, so you can feel good inside and out, and regain your self-esteem.

This can mean taking photos in which you don't pose so that no bulge shows through, or not paying attention to the lighting so that it doesn't highlight your cellulite or stretch marks. It's about wearing clothes and lingerie that make you feel good. One that allows us to truly assume our morphology. That's what we're trying to achieve by design your menstrual panties.

This can also be done by looking in the mirror and concentrating on our physical qualities for a few minutes. Then dwell on what we see as flaws, but try to see them in a positive light and, above all, with a benevolent eye. It's been proven that women see their faults first. Focusing on your strengths and seeing your faults in a positive light boosts your self-confidence and enables you to concentrate on what you like about yourself.

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