Arielle, our period swimwear !

Arielle, our period swimwear !

Arielle, our period swimwear, co-designed with 3000 of our customers!

A few weeks ago, we asked you what your ideal period swimwear would look like. More than 3,000 responses later, we're in the middle of designing your dream swimsuit, with our workshops! 

In this article, we reveal the results of our study. 

Your period swimwear two-room apartment, why?


It's unanimous that you prefer a two-piece swimsuit to a one-piece! 

That's perfect, because it's ideal for a menstrual swimsuit. What's more, we've consulted health professionals and they're also unanimous in saying that it's best to change after your swimming session. Moisture is really not ideal for your vaginal microbiota, and it can increase the risk of mycosis. We recommend that you don't stay in your wet menstrual swimsuit for more than 2 hours! 


What are the advantages of a period swimwear two-piece?


In addition to making changing easier, if you already own a swimsuit top that you love, you can adopt the Arielle swimsuit bottoms to outfit yourself on a budget!


When it comes to choosing a top, despite a wide range of options (bandeau, bra, bra, etc.), the triangle shape comes out on top! A swimsuit top without shells or underwiring, made in France and designed in a technical jersey that will support your breasts to be as comfortable as possible, while resisting chlorine and UV rays. Tied around the neck and back, its wide underbust waistband supports and sculpts your bust. Available in two reversible colors: poppy red or royal blue for a touch of color and sparkle, and the reversible black side for a timeless look! The choice is yours: complement or mismatch the Arielle menstrual bikini bottom with our triangle top!


What jersey colors do you offer?


After the choice of top, came the choice of swimsuit color. Bright colors, solid black, mix & match, prints, reversible colors or neutrals, in short, the possibilities are endless... We had bright colors on the podium in first place, followed by solid black and finally mix & match, but here again your opinions were very close... So why not do all three? We figured that to best suit your preferences, a reversible, mix-and-match top would be the perfect compromise. So we chose two colors: blue and red, each with a reversible black side. This reversible feature means you can switch between a plain or colored swimsuit, depending on your mood! If you're not swimming, or want to change afterwards, our Arielle swimsuit top goes perfectly with our Sixtine shorty: poppy red or royal blue. Perfect for staying dry while extending your tanning session.


Finally, the two most important criteria in a swimsuit remain for you number 1 to avoid leaks at the beach or pool, then number 2 comfort! 


How does period swimwear work?


We tell you more about our swimsuit's technological innovation: when you're in the water, your flow slows down with the pressure of the water and dilutes in the water. When you get out of the water, that's when the technology really kicks in. Arielle is made up of an absorbent core that retains even the most viscous flows (like blood), and a breathable polyamide layer that lets water escape so as not to weigh down the swimsuit. Arielle's absorption is therefore perfect for light flows, the beginning or end of cycles, or spotting days. For heavy flows, you can use Arielle in addition to another sanitary protection (cup, biological tampon...).


For comfort, the absorbent core in certified organic cotton guarantees softness, unrivalled comfort and no irritation.


Discover our Arielle bikini tops and bottoms and our Sixtine shortys, available in 3 colors! See all our menstrual panties!



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