Where to buy cheap period panties?

Discover our low cost selection

How to choose your low cost period panties ?

" The revolution of a period panty at 7€ per month for 4 months! Start saving from the first month
, the end of expensive disposable pads!

We now offer you a selection of period panties at a low price to allow you to try our innovation.

Period panties made in France in cotton and organic vegetable fibers which have the capacity to absorb up to 4 to 8 tampons, the equivalent of 8 tablespoons of blood. Period panties that can be worn in addition to conventional sanitary protection or as a total replacement.

Because your purchasing power is a priority and because it is important for us to make greatest number our hygienic protections accessible, we offer you these products in a very limited edition at reduced price.

By buying an Elia period panty, you will save 600 € in 5 years and you will avoid throwing away 2500 disposable sanitary protections such as tampons and pads.

How can I choose my low-cost period panty ? Which is the best low-cost panty ?

Depending on your flow, your budget and on how often you are planning on using it! If your flow is heavy, we recommend the Sixtine menstrual shorty, if your flow is medium or light, we recommend our range of menstrual panties in lace or with a thinner protection. For light flows and to prepare for the summer, our menstrual swimsuit from our 2021 swimwear collection will surely make you look good.

The best quality at a lower price !

The best low-cost menstrual panties are the ones that respect your health! Our collection is made with responsible materials like organic cotton, it respects strict sanitary standards (without silver or copper nanoparticles). Low-cost menstrual panties are ecological! It is a panty whose manufacture is followed and ensured with the least number of interventions possible. A local manufacture, as transparent as possible!

Why offer period panties at low prices?

To match the smallest budgets and allow the greatest number of people to afford a period panty

To fight against menstrual precariousness, a pillar of our brand which already gave back nearly 50 000 menstrual panties for the people in need.

To accompany all the women and menstruated people during all the days of their cycles

Are Elia's low-cost period panties effective?

Elia menstrual panties all have the same level of efficiency!

They are composed of different layers of innovative fabrics that guarantee an absorption and a drying action against leaks.

Why do we offer a low-cost period panty selection ?

In order to make room for our new collection, we have decided to reduce our margins on these products considerably. Our profits are very low: the effort must be shared! These panties are therefore in small quantities, so take advantage of this offer before it is sold out!

Can I pay for my period panties in several installments without charge?

We set up a 3 or 4 times payment on our website without expenses, which enables you to spread the cost of your panties over several months. Thus, without the expenses of
shipping, your menstrual panties will cost you every month 7€ during 4 months. Almost the same price as a box of organic tampons or pads. The advantage is that afterwards, your period panties will be totally amortized and you will be able to use them during 5 to 7 years.

How are the prices of our products calculated?


French manufacturing

Cutting, assembling, sewing and quality control are all done in France, thanks to the know-how of our French workshops.



Storage, labeling, inventory, return shipping... Our logistics chain works very hard to ensure that the right product arrives safely and without damage in your hands.


E-commerce infrastructure

Our products are almost exclusively sold on our e-shop: we invest a lot in our e-commerce site, showcase of our products and our commitments (among other things, web hosting fees, commissions for online payment providers, development of new tools on the site ...)


Operating margin

Notre marge nous permet de nous assurer la viabilité de l'aventure Elia ! Nous réinvestissons généralement dans de la R&D pour être toujours au plus près de vos attentes.


Fixed costs

All the things we can't compromise to run the business, such as office rent, bank charges or various insurances for example


Raw materials

Organic cotton, eucalyptus tencel, waterproof PUL, lace or braid... We highly value the origin and supply of our materials.


Donations and sponsorship

We donate 10% of our net profit to research against endometriosis, the Paris Hospitals, the fight against breast cancer and various actions to prevent menstrual precariousness. To support those who need it the most.


Marketing & Communication

We do our best to promote our products and that the information reaches you: communication actions, photo shoots, social networks influence...


Human resources

This includes the salaries for our great Elia team, the social contributions and the costs of our health insurance to take care of our employees.



Since 2015, the VAT on feminine hygiene protection has increased to 5.5%.