How to choose low-cost menstrual pants?

"The revolution of period panties at 7€ per month for 4 months! Savings from the very first month, the end of expensive disposable pads!"

Our affordable menstrual lingerie

We now offer a selection of low-priced menstrual pants for you to try out our innovation.

Made in France menstrual pants made from organic cotton and plant fibers that can absorb between 4 and 8 tampons, the equivalent of 8 tablespoons of blood. Menstrual pants that can be worn in addition to conventional sanitary protection or as a complete replacement.

Because your purchasing power is a priority, and because it's important for us to make our sanitary protection products accessible to as many people as possible, we're offering you these products in a very limited edition at a reduced price.

By buying an Elia menstrual panty, you'll save nearly 600 € in 5 years, and avoid throwing away nearly 2,500 disposable sanitary products such as tampons and pads.

How to choose cheap menstrual panties? What are the best cheap menstrual pants?

Depending on your flow, your budget and your use! If your flow is heavy, choose the Sixtine menstrual panties. If your flow is medium or light, we recommend our range of menstrual panties in lace or with finer protection. For light flows who want to enjoy a swim, our menstrual swimsuit for the 2021 season is sure to please.

Lower prices, higher quality!

The best cheap menstrual underwear is the underwear that respects your health! They're made from responsible materials like cotton or organic cotton, and comply with strict health standards (no silver or copper nanoparticles). Inexpensive menstrual panties are ecological! They are manufactured with the least possible number of intermediaries. As transparent as possible!

Why offer inexpensive menstrual pants?

To fit even the tightest budgets and enable as many people as possible to afford a menstrual panty.

To fight against menstrual insecurity, one of the pillars of our brand, which has already donated nearly 50,000 menstrual briefs to people in need.

To support all menstruating women and menstruating people throughout their cycles.


How does it work?

Our training pants are made of 4 layers of innovative fabrics to keep your child dry.

Are Elia's inexpensive period pants effective?

Elia menstrual pants are all equally effective!

They're made of different layers of innovative fabrics that guarantee absorption and an anti-leakage drying action.

How can you offer cheap menstrual pants made in France?

We decided to make room for our new collection. We have decided to reduce our margins on these products considerably. Our profits are very low: the effort must be shared! These panties are available in small quantities, so make the most of them!

Can I pay for my menstrual panties in instalments?

On our website, you can pay for your menstrual panties in 3 or 4 instalments, free of charge, allowing you to spread the cost of your panties over several months. So, without
delivery charges, your menstrual panties will cost you 7€ every month for 4 months. Almost the same price as a box of organic tampons or sanitary towels. The advantage is that after that, your menstrual panties will have fully paid for themselves, and you'll be able to use them for 5 to 7 years.