How to dress your baby in spring?

Spring can be a real headache when it comes to dressing your baby: cold in the morning, hot in the afternoon... Many parents wonder if their baby is covered enough or too much.... To help you see more clearly, we give you all our advice to dress your baby in mid-season.

What clothes to wear for spring outdoors?

What you put your baby in depends on the temperature and the weather (whether it's raining or not).

Dressing your baby when the weather is nice

First thing: when it starts to get warm, choose cotton clothes. Cotton is the most comfortable material for your baby when the weather starts to warm up. Cotton has many advantages: it will help the evaporation of sweat, it is a breathable material, compared to synthetic materials that will trap the sweat on the skin.

Then, if the weather is nice, provide your baby with sunglasses : your baby's eyes are fragile and must be well protected.

Since spring temperatures tend to be very cold in the morning, then warmer in the afternoon, we recommend that you dress your child in a vest in the morning, which you can remove later depending on the temperature.

It is easier to remove a layer if your baby is too hot, than the other way around.

Be careful of the sun, which can sometimes be strong, and don' t forget the sun cream!

On the other hand, even when the weather is nice, it is still too early to walk your baby with his feet in the air in his stroller. We prefer a pair of shoes like small sneakers.

Dressing your baby when it rains

To avoid the March sleet, it's best to invest in a stroller equipped with arain cover.

When it rains, you can dress your baby in rain boots so that he can play in puddles without getting his little feet wet. We also recommend a windbreaker and raincoat to protect from the rain.

Accessories to take in spring

In spring, temperatures can still be cool. So, keep in mind that the extremities of baby's body must be covered to prevent him from catching cold. Cover the head with a light hat or hood.

Sunglasses for when the sun is shining are a must !

And of course theeternal bodysuit that we keep no matter the season, day or night. You can obviously adapt the materials by choosing warmer or cooler ones, with different sleeve lengths according to the season.

How to dress baby in spring for the interior of the house?

At home, we always keep a sweater for baby. Indeed, it is often in spring thatwe turn off the heating. The temperature inside can therefore remain cool. You can also keep winter pajamas on until the temperature inside the house is warmer, without using the heater.

In general, it is recommended that your baby wears two layers of clothing(depending on the temperature of your home).

In early spring, when temperatures are still cool (18-19°C), your baby should be dressed in a long-sleeved bodysuit, winter pajamas and a padded sleeping bag. Then, when the temperatures warm up with the arrival of summer, and they reach 20 to 22 degrees indoors, you can switch to a short-sleeved bodysuit and light cotton pajamas.

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What is the best material to choose in spring?

Cotton is the material you should choose for your little one. Indeed, it is a breathable material which will absorb the sweat rather than keeping it on his skin as the synthetic materials do. It is a soft and comfortable material for your baby's skin.

What about the diaper in the spring?

No matter the season, you need to diaper your baby. If you're going out, remember to take your diaper bag so you can change your baby regularly. You can also dress your baby in a training pants from the age of 2 or 3. It's the ideal solution to get your baby used to potty training and keep him dry all day long. The training pants are lighter than a diaper, but still have absorbency.

When changing your baby's diaper indoors, we recommend changing your baby in a sufficiently heated room.

Our advice for choosing baby clothes

When the warm weather arrives, we can ask ourselves how to choose baby's clothes, here are our tips.

Keep ears and feet warm!

The extremities of your baby's body need to stay warm. In spring it's still too cold to walk around with your baby's toes out in the open. So, keep your baby's feet warm and provide him with little canvas sneakers if the weather is nice, or rain boots if it's raining.

Same for the head: it is generally still too cold to leave him the uncovered head. We prefer to put a light hat, a hood or a headband, just to cover his ears.

Plan for rain before going out

Spring is the season of all possibilities in terms of weather. So don't forget to be prepared and get a stroller with a rain cover. A raincoat is also essential to prevent rain. Finally, always take a spare pair of socks with you: if you get caught in the rain and baby's feet get wet, you need to change his wet socks so he doesn't get sick;

Listen to your baby

Listen to the signs your baby is giving you: if he is grumpy, crying or agitated, it is probably because he is too hot or too cold. If his neck is hot and he's sweating, he's too hot. Conversely, if his tummy is cold: cover him up more.

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