What can I eat during my period?

What can I eat during my period?

This is well known : menstruation causes hormonal changes. So, to combat tiredness and irritability, it may be enough to pay more attention to our diet. 
Snacking on too much fatty food or sugar can lead to a drop in morale and/or energy. Here are some tips on what foods to choose. Don't forget that physical activity can also help reduce the bloating you may feel during your period. 


Why watch your diet during your period?

Do you feel tired and more irritable during your period? It's totally normal and, I'll explain why. During your period, you have a drop in serotonin, the neurotransmitter of good mood, but also a significant loss of iron. As a result, blood sugar levels also drop significantly. These factors combined explain the roller coaster ride you may feel during this crucial period of the menstrual cycle. The body will therefore compensate by redoubling its efforts to maintain a balance. This results in additional caloric expenditure. This is why you may feel hungry or have sweet cravings.


Which type of foods to eat during your period?

Some foods have many benefits. During your period, it may be essential to choose them: 
  • Oats 
Having a low glycemic index, oats will be absorbed gradually by the body. It will therefore allow you to avoid snacking throughout the day. We recommend eating them at breakfast, raw in flakes or cooked. 
  • Proteins 
Whether they are of animal or vegetable origin, proteins, in the right quantities, allow the body to absorb them throughout the day. Thus, like oats, they help avoid hunger pangs. In addition, some contain vitamin B6, like eggs, which helps reduce fatigue.
The iron content of red meat also helps compensate for the significant losses at this time.  
  • Bananas
The good news is that the potassium contained in bananas will help reduce muscle contraction and ease period pain. And thanks to its vitamin C content, it allows  better absorption of iron (in addition to proteins). 
  • Spinach
It has many benefits: rich in fiber to help with transit and vitamin C and iron. But, to keep its benefits, spinach shoots must be eaten raw. 
  • Almonds

Almonds contain magnesium, which helps fight fatigue and muscle contraction. They are also rich in vegetable proteins, and therefore they are allies against snacking. Preferably you should choose  whole, unsalted and un-roasted almonds. 

Of course, these foods are complementary, and we remind you that you should choose a balanced and varied diet every day.  

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