What is white discharge? Is it normal?

What is white discharge? Is it normal?

You have to know that white discharge is a perfectly normal physiological phenomenon, and even a sign of good health!

White discharge, also called leucorrhea, are secretions produced by the uterus and vagina. They are composed of an odorless substance, more or less viscous, generally white, yellowish or translucent, which is called cervical mucus. They accompany the menstrual cycle of women from puberty to menopause, and testify to the good health and proper functioning of their genitals and their reproductive functions.

Why do I have white discharge?

By flowing along the vaginal wall, they carry with them any germs and dead cells. They therefore allow a self-cleaning of your vagina, as well as a balancing and protection of the ecosystem that constitutes the vaginal flora against external attacks (bacteria, virus, etc.).

They help the sperm to ascend to the egg present in the uterus at the time of ovulation. This explains why their flow is increased during the period preceding ovulation.

Conversely, just before menstruation, white discharge has the function of blocking the passage of spermatozoa, the period not being favorable to fertilization.

They allow permanent hydration as well as vaginal lubrication.

The white discharge, expelled by the cervix, fulfills several missions. They are normal and essential !

White discharge before the period

White discharge, you may have noticed, often thickens and becomes more abundant a few days before your period. Their color may also change slightly to become yellowish. Nothing to worry about, again everything is normal, it just means that your vagina is evacuating dead cells. For women who know and analyze their menstrual cycle well, the characteristics of white discharge can be a good indicator of menstruation that is about to start.

White discharge before menstruation is normal, essential and instructive!

How can I deal with white discharge?

Even if white discharge is perfectly normal (and you should now be convinced of it!) It can be experienced as annoying to the point that some women are tempted to use sanitary protection almost every day to absorb it. This is not necessarily a good idea... Panty liners, sanitary napkins or tampons have an absorbent power that risks causing vaginal dryness, or even yeast infections or vaginitis in the long run, because the vaginal flora, dehydrated, no longer succeeds in protecting itself against bacteria.

These protections can also trigger allergies because of their composition, or even increase the feeling of heat and humidity if they contain too much plastic and synthetic materials. But then, what is the solution? Elia period panties of course! Discreet, effective, safe, ecological, washable, and perfectly suited when white discharge intensifies.

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