Why wear organic underwear?

Organic cotton panty drying under the sun

Many health professionals may have already recommended that you wear cotton panties during your cycle and during your period. We will explain the reasons and benefits of organic cotton for your vaginal flora.


What are the advantages of organic cotton panties?

The advantage of wearing organic cotton underwear is that it allows your vulva and vagina to breathe. Indeed, your vaginal flora, located inside your vagina, is composed of good bacteria that enables its good functioning. However, this one is very sensitive and can be very quickly deregulated. This is particularly the case when you wear underwear or clothes that are too tight or are made with synthetic materials, even if the part in contact with your vulva is made of cotton. This can lead to a warm and moist environment which can cause vaginal infections such as vaginal fungus. 
Like for our Elia period panties, cotton underwear helps keep the vaginal flora healthy and avoid discomfort and infections that can occur during or outside the menstrual period. 
In short, wearing organic cotton underwear is more respectful of your body and healthier for you. 


Why use organic cotton? 

The use of organic cotton avoids putting your vulva in contact with fabrics containing pesticides or allergens that can increase irritation, discomfort, vaginal dryness, and unbalance the flora.
Moreover, the production of a cotton T-shirt requires 2700 litres of water, which is, according to Greenpeace, the amount of water that a human being drinks in two and a half years. Conversely, producing an organic cotton T-shirt requires 100 litres of water. The difference is not negligible for the environment, especially when we know that water is not an unlimited resource. 
The association of cotton and organic is ideal for respecting your vaginal flora, comfort, and the environment. 
For all these reasons, at Elia, we chose to create a range of menstrual panties exclusively made with organic cotton. We wanted products that respect your body and our planet while guaranteeing you feminine models, even during your period, pregnancy and postpartum.

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