5 yoga positions to relieve painful periods!

Contrary to popular belief, exercising during your period has many benefits. Among the sports and tips we recommend is yoga, a practice that helps restore harmony between body and mind.

Why yoga relieves menstrual pain?

Sport during menstruation is not advised by the doctor, on the contrary.

Yoga has general benefits for physical and mental health. During menstruation, it can help relieve pain and tension while refocusing on oneself and respecting one's body rhythm. These methods are more or less gentle, depending on the type of yoga you choose, and especially regenerative.

The different positions of this discipline, which is adept at meditation and relaxation, can allow you tosoothe your pain, especially in the following areas

  • of the lower back
  • abdominal

Moreover, yoga also has many beneficial effects on flexibility and improvement of physical condition:

  • to open your hips
  • to stretch your pelvic muscles
  • improve your bowel movements
  • relax you

5 yoga exercises to end painful periods!

Yoga is suitable for everyone, no matter your age, physical condition or mood: all poses are adaptable, with or without a partner. However, during menstruation, there are some to avoid, such as

  • twists, which can be unpleasant if you have cramps because they strain the abdominal muscles.
  • Inversions, since the uterus is pulled towards the head and the blood is evacuated less well, particularly not recommended during pregnancy.

The cobra or "Bhujangasana

The cobra is frequently practiced when doing yoga. It relaxes, stretches while strengthening your back.

It is a very simple pose: you just have to lie down on your mat, place your forehead on a cushion while keeping your legs stretched and glued together on your mat. You can then place the palms of your hands on the floor, all along the pelvic area. Take deep breaths and press your hands together to open your chest and push your torso forward, so that you are leaning forward, tilting your head back. You can leave your arms slightly bent. Breathe in and out in this posture.

This is a very good solution for the lower back and lumbar region.

The cat or "Marjariasana

The cat pose is performed on all fours, with the knees resting on the floor. At first, it is necessary to verify that your wrists are well aligned under your shoulders, that your knees are well placed under your hips. Keep your back straight.
When you inhale, you arch your back, vertebrae by vertebrae, starting with the lower back, up to the top of the skull, looking at the sky. Do the same thing, in the opposite direction when you exhale, starting with the face, then the top of your back, until the bottom of your back.

In order to feel all the benefits of this practice, it is important to take the time to roll up and down the back, feeling each vertebrae and observing the space being created. You will then be able to feel the energy that is created and diffused in the body.

The fish or "Matsyasana

The fish pose works the lower back, it is a position that can decrease pain during the menstrual cycle.

It is done on your mat, lying down, legs together with arms extended and hands placed under the buttocks. Bring your shoulder blades together and straighten your chest with the support of your elbows. You can place the top of your head back on the mat. Inhale and exhale in the supine position to feel the full effect.

Butterfly or Baddha-konasana

The butterfly pose relaxes your pelvic floor, but also opens your chest and pelvis, stretches your muscle tissue.
In order to fully enjoy the benefits of this posture, it is even better to be able to let go.
It is a natural position, very simple to achieve, that some people practice even without necessarily realizing it, when they have pain in the abdomen.
On your mat, lie on your back and bend both legs. You can then bring both knees to the floor. Join your two feet. You just have to inhale and exhale slowly.

The child or "Balasana

The child is a posture of "pause", of relaxation in yoga, essential because it allows to feel all the effects after your flow. During your period, you can use it to relax, to give yourself a moment of reconnection with yourself.
It is a kneeling pose, with your chest completely stretched out on the mat: you can put your arms forward, completely relaxed, or put them along your body. You can either put your arms forward, completely relaxed, or put them along your body. Then you just have to relax by breathing in and out deeply, having your knees spread in order to free the belly. Let your breath carry you.

Sleep well at night by adopting a good position!

To better live your menstrual period, it is essential to sleep well at night and to have a quality sleep. Indeed, when we are tired, the symptoms related to the menstrual cycle can be stronger and more difficult to live: yoga helps to calm them.

Opt for the fetal position

The fetal position is a natural way to relax the abdominal muscles.
Just lie on your side and fold your legs towards your chest. You can also apply a hot water bottle to your lower abdomen or back, the heat activates the blood circulation and helps to warm up the muscle tissues.

Avoid sleeping on your stomach

Sleeping on your stomach is not really recommended when you are menstruating. Sleeping on your stomach puts pressure on the uterus, which can increase bleeding during the night. However, this allows the endometrium to evacuate more quickly and potentially have a shorter menstrual flow!

Yoga and Period Positions FAQ

Which yoga during menstruation?

Sport is a great way to relieve pain during your period. Yoga has many benefits to lighten you up. There are several types, from the most gentle to the most dynamic. The main thing is to listen to yourself and do what feels good.

Which position to relieve the rules?

Several yoga postures can help you relieve period pain. If you suffer from painful periods, especially at night, it is advisable not to sleep on your abdomen because it accentuates the bleeding.

How to relieve menstrual pain at night?

If you suffer from menstrual pain, you can use a hot water bottle to relax your muscles. Then, certain postures such as the fetal position can help you sleep better by reducing discomfort. If the pain persists and prevents you from sleeping, you can consult your gynecologist.

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