Your diagnosis is

Heavy periods and fatigue

You have regular or slightly irregular cycles, with moderate to severe menstrual pain and, above all, an abundant, even hemorrhagic menstrual flow at the height of your period. You feel very tired before and during your period, which can have a major impact on your day-to-day life. Fluctuating energy levels can make it difficult to manage your daily activities.

  • Your menstrual profile

    Your periods are often heavy and may last more than 5 days. The flow is usually intense, necessitating the use of suitable sanitary protection. You may experience regular white discharge, but are less likely to experience spotting.

  • Hormonal profile

    High estrogen and fluctuating progesterone levels can contribute to heavy menstrual flow and fatigue. These imbalances can also affect your overall energy levels, making it more difficult to manage your daily activities. Thyroid dysregulation, such as hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, could also aggravate this fatigue. Follow-up with a healthcare professional is recommended to understand and manage these variations.

menstrual protection for you

Our range of menstrual lingerie

The menstrual briefs that are right for you are those for heavy flow and menstrual shorties and cyclists. If you need to change in the middle of the day, opt for detachable models that are easy to remove. It's not normal to be in such pain during your period that you reorganize your day around cramps. If this is the case, don't hesitate to consult your doctor.

  • Diet

    Eat iron-rich foods such as spinach and red meat to combat fatigue and possible period-related anemia. Foods rich in vitamin C can also help improve iron absorption. Adequate hydration is crucial to maintaining your energy levels.

  • Skin and hair care

    Use antioxidant-rich moisturizers to help revitalize tired skin and dedicated eye care products. Choose nourishing hair care products to keep your hair healthy and shiny despite fatigue.

  • Sports activities

    Do moderate exercise such as walking or yoga to maintain your energy and improve your general well-being.

  • Joana, 27 years old

    "My periods are extremely heavy and this makes me very tired. I often have major energy dips during this period. To keep my energy up, I take snacks or energy bars throughout the day and drink lemon juice in the morning for a boost. I also avoid eating too much sugar at lunchtime, otherwise I'm guaranteed to have a nap at work while digesting. Elia's menstrual panties for heavy flow have really helped me manage these difficult days. They're comfortable and give me optimum protection, even at night. I feel much more serene thanks to them. "

  • Julie, 37 years old

    "Heavy periods literally exhaust me. I often leak at night, no matter what pads I use, which I have to double up every time. To manage the lack of iron, I eat lots of green vegetables and red meat, and take iron supplements. I've also adapted my wardrobe since I can remember, wearing dark clothes during my period to avoid worries in the event of a leak. It's a real challenge, but with these little tricks, I'm doing better."

  • Isabelle, 41 years old

    "During my period, I not only have heavy bleeding, but also intense fatigue that impacts my daily life. The menstrual pains are severe and I need Doliprane to relieve them. I also use a hot water bottle to ease the pain in my lower abdomen. These little routines help me to manage this difficult period better. I've learned to plan my activities and get more rest during my period."

  • Marie-Laure, 28 years old

    "My periods are very heavy, and I regularly stained my sheets despite all precautions. My combo is now the Elia cyclist + a washable towel for the night. To compensate for the loss of iron, I pay close attention to my diet, including iron-rich foods such as lentils. I've also started wearing comfortable, loose-fitting clothes, especially when I'm on my period, to avoid any discomfort and feel comfortable. These adjustments allow me to live my period better and minimize any discomfort."

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