Flux abondant

Flux abondant


    Découvrez notre gamme de culottes menstruelles dédiées aux flux importants

    Très absorbantes grâce à leur double épaisseur de tissu absorbant en fibres d'eucalyptus, elles restent fines et sans couture apparente sous vos vêtements. Jusqu'à 12 heures de protection pour les règles abondantes.

    Your most frequently asked questions

    A menstrual panty is an undergarment which, thanks to an absorbent zone, acts both as lingerie and as
    hygienic protection!

    With our innovative technology, you no longer need to use tampons, menstrual cups or sanitary pads, our menstrual panties are self-sufficient.

    Before wearing your period panties, a first wash willincrease the absorption capacity of our absorbent textile made of eucalyptus fibres.

    Afterwards, simply rinse them in cold water after wearing them and then put them in the washing machine at a maximum of 40°C. Once dry, you can wear it again!