Should we be ashamed of our period?

Doit-on avoir honte de ses règles ?

Céline is 18 years old and is a student in communication and advertising school in Paris.

Céline is also one of our clients, and not only!

Today, Céline comes back with us on her complexes, her journey as a woman and her sometimes difficult relationship with menstruation while explaining us what changed for her the menstrual panties Elia lingerie. But she also gives us her little lesson of life.

Why participate in the Elia shooting ?

"What pushed me to pose in Elia lingerie is that I was subscribed to the Instagram accountxtagstartzspan style="font-weight: 400;">. So I saw that the casting was proposed and I really went with the idea of "why not", I have absolutely nothing to lose. On the one hand it was a bit of a challenge because I am extremely shy and complex. And it's really quite complicated for me to pose in front of a camera, and on top of that in panties. So it was a really big experience for me and I don't regret it at all."

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